The story of GEZUBUSO

GEZUBUSO is the Zulu word for “wash your face”. It is believed that, on completing a long and gruelling walk, washing the dust from one’s face will restore both dignity and clarity of vision. The term therefore also symbolises very aptly and vividly the goals of GEZUBUSO Projects.

At the same time, GEZUBUSO is the name for one of the tribal districts (in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) in which GEZUBUSO Projects carries out its activities.

Gezubuso river
Juanita Mackay, Founder of Gezubuso Projects

Juanita Mackay founded GEZUBUSO Projects in 2004 and headed it until her too early death in January 2013.

Juanita was an extraordinary woman with strong leadership and a vision what is needed and where to go. Through her huge experience in childcare and her extremely helpful network in Pietermaritzburg and beyond she was not just able to establish GEZUBUSO Projects but also to identify and realize new programs wherever needed.

Juanita served in many central functions, she was not just the founder of the organization, but also motivator, inspiration, mother and auntie, manager and fundraiser. It became instantly clear with her death in 2013, that the organization will suffer without her and that very likely not one person alone would be able to compensate this loss.

Continuing Juanita's dream is what we have achieved since then - with hard work and with placing responsibility on many shoulders. We still miss her but we look forward and continue to deliver sustainable help and development for the children and adults of GEZUBUSO Projects.