Welcome, Philipp!

Philipp began his 12-month period of voluntary service with GEZUBUSO Projects today.

After a very emotional farewell party for Joshua just a few days ago we are very exited about the opportunity to welcome "our" second and new Weltwaerts volunteer from Germany.


On 14 August 2019, Philipp Strohmaier joined GEZUBUSO Projects as new WELTWAERTS volunteer for a 12-month stay. Philipp will not only work with the GEZUBUSO children, but he will also actively support the gardening project, help in the office and involve himself where needed.

Philippp was welcomed by the GEZUBUSO Board Members in Pietermaritzburg and introduced to all staff members. During his first week, he will be accompanied, among others, by Rudolf Köhne-Volland and he will learn about the work and history of GEZUBUSO Projects.

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