Expanding the garden project "Eat Homegrown"

After more than two years of development and fine tuning our sustainable garden project "Eat Homegrown" is ready to move forward and to be expanded significantly. Looking for sponsors and find raising has started, every support is very much appreciated.

42 "Eat Homegrown" gardens are currently maintained by Gezubuso Projects. We have learned at lot during the past two years but now the concept for scaling up is ready to go - so that more people can make a living out of it and more people can eat "homegrown".

We are aiming at 500 gardens. Our market research has shown that there is a need for it, but the scale up needs initial investments and financial backup: for efficient transport of seedlings, compost and gardeners. Pre-financing is needed for seedlings, staff for quality control and management, training of new gardeners and more.

There have been first very positive talks to SODI (who supported all our previous garden projects) and we target to submit our application for funding in Q1/2 2020 (expecting finds to come in Q2 2021 if application is accepted and approved).

In addition, we have also presented the concept to the companies in the Pietermaritzburg region and we hope for a short term approval which would allow a first scale up round of "Eat Homegrown" already in 2019.

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