Homegrown advantages

Gezubuso Projects makes a difference

That's exciting: The journal "Go! Platteland" reports about the current garden project of Gezubuso Projects ...

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International Volunteers at Gezubuso Projects

Feedback and outlook

Gezubuso Projects received positive feedback with regard to its support for the volunteer at a meeting on 26th of Februar 2019 in Durban.

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Gezubuso school children, 2019

Back to school 2019

The first day at a new school – and first time at private school – in the new school year of 2019.

An exciting day for many children at GEZUBUSO Projects: The first day at a new school – and first time at private school – in the new school year of 2019.

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Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019

... to all our supporters, followers, and readers.

We wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas, and all the best for the New Year.

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Education pact made

14 GEZUBUSO children at private school as of 2019

The management board of GEZUBUSO Projects has made a significant decision: as of January 2019, the children of GEZUBUSO Projects will go to a better school.

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11 new GEZUBUSO children in 2018

The joy was great, but space soon scarce.

Another 11 children aged 1-11 years have now joined us. The joy was great, but space soon became scarce. Without further ado, the living room of Sunshine House in Pietermaritzburg was converted into a bedroom and another building was erected on the grounds.

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Welcome, Joshua!

Joshua began his 12-month period of voluntary service with GEZUBUSO Projects today

On 13 August 2018, Joshua Konstanzer became the first WELTWAERTS volunteer to join GEZUBUSO Projects for a 12-month stay. Joshua not only works with the children, but also supports the gardening project and helps in the office.

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ZAMA Mbanjwa - untimely death

We are shocked and very sad: 11 year old Zama passed away

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