Ukwamukela and welcome to GEZUBUSO Projects!

Sustainable help for disadvantaged children and adults

The project “healing is in the pot” has been running for the last few weeks

... sustainable food choices and climate action!

The research project is centred on learning actions around sustainable food choices and how these can make a positive contribution to climate action, as well as enabling people to live healthier lives.

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Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022

... to all our supporters, followers, and readers.

We wish you patience, strength and health for Christmas this year and all the best, optimism and peace for the year 2022.

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New soccer and netball posts

for the young people in the Transkei !

Our board member Tim Machpesh and Mr. Martin donated soccer and netball posts to Transkei, an area in the eastern Cape of South Africa.

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Partial Registration of Sunshine Home as a Child-Youth Care Centre!

with the Department of Social Development

To manage our organisation better, Gezubuso projects is in the process of registering the Sunshine Home with the DSD as a Child and Youth Care Centre.

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Healing is in the Pot

... new project alert!

"Healing The Pot" is a new research project that will be implemented in the greater Mpopomeni area of KwaZulu-Natal with a team of researchers led by Bridget Randall.

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Donation Drive

... to replenish food for the Home!

Food prices have gone up while the number of local donors has lessened. That is why Gezubuso has conducted a donation drive.

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New logo!

Gezubuso Projects is proud to present its new logo.

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