Ukwamukela and welcome to GEZUBUSO Projects!

Sustainable help for disadvantaged children and adults

... to all our supporters, followers, and readers.

We wish you patience, strength and health for Christmas this year and all the best, optimism and peace for the year 2021.

... food and sanitary towels for GEZUBUSO.

We appreciate their contribution to our organization very much, thanks a lot.

Philipp had to go back to Germany

Suddenly and unexpectedly Philipp had to leave South Africa. We all have been very sad when we were informed about this decision.

... to all our supporters, followers, and readers.

We wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas, and all the best for the New Year.

Philipp began his 12-month period of voluntary service with GEZUBUSO Projects today.

On 14 August 2019, Philipp Strohmaier joined GEZUBUSO Projects as new WELTWAERTS volunteer for a 12-month stay. Philipp will not only work with the GEZUBUSO children, but he will also actively support the gardening project, help in the office and involve himself where needed.